Above is a small section of a very large official soil survey map of the Delta as of 1935. This map shows that Hog’s Back Shoals has been connected to Ryer Island and is a peninsula instead. The full size map is a wonderful reference for correct Island and waterway names. Note the green areas along the banks of the rivers. These area are where the forested natural levees were originally.

Please take the time to review the soil types in 1935. And the island names and waterway names. It will help you to understand the problems encountered by scientists and computer modelers who have been direction-ally challenged in the 21st century planning to revise the Delta.

During the 1930’s the USA was struggling with the Depression and as part of the “New Deal” men were put to work improving the existing levees built by the farmers and their crew the century before. The Federal Project Levees were built, and that included the levees rimming Ryer Island and Grand Island. Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough were dredged, and Wood Island between Rio Vista and Brannan Island was entirely removed.

There was a ferry that transported riders in vehicles and trucks across Cache Slough, between Ryer Island and Rio Vista.
An aerial photo from 1935 shows homes or buildings along the water, what appears to be irrigation pumps, and crops on the peninsula. View on the right is from an online map service. Not much has change to the shape of the property but the uses did change. 1939 is the first record of use as a camping park with docks in Solano County. Families who have been vacating in the Delta for years have provided photos showing cabins set over the water, which were used for catching fish in the 1930s to fee the many hungry people in the area.